Check your gate

There are a few things you can do to ensure your manual gate can become an automated gate. Making a gate automatic will not make the gate overcome problems with a gate that was not installed.

Avoid slopes

Another way to avoid issues with installing a motor is ensure that the gate doesn’t open uphill. Keeping the gate balanced helps with the automation. if it is uphill the opener will struggle more and can cause issues in the future.

Acceptable to standards

When having the installation ensure that the equipment chosen is suitable and meets the specifications laid out by the manufacturer. If you don’t follow the specifications you will lose your guarantee..

Underground Motors

If you have an underground motor installed make sure that it has proper drainage. This will help to ensure that the motor is not flooded if there is rain or snow. They will function with slight water but you will want to avoid serious water damage from the main electrical components.

Call us we’re professionals

If you give us a call we can have the appropriate solution for your gate automation situation. we can give you a proper risk assessment. If your looking for a specific opener or anything special give us a call we even do special order gates.

It’s alive!

The environment and the conditions it creates can have an affect on the gate. For instance the wind is environmental hazard for your gate that you may not have thought of. The wind can cause damage to the gate and when dealing with windy situations the system of choice is generally a 24V system.

Be sure to understand what you need out of your gate. Once you do give us a call!